GoldGram and Dillon Gage Sign Agreement for Strategic Global Alliance

NEW YORK, May 15, 2019 – Sin­g­a­po­re-based Gold­Gram Pte. Ltd., crea­tor of the new asset-backed token GGC Gold­Gram­Coin®, and Dal­las-based Dil­lon Gage, world lea­der in phy­si­cal pre­cious metals tra­ding and tech­no­lo­gy, today announ­ced that they have ent­e­red into a stra­te­gic glo­bal alli­an­ce through which Dil­lon Gage will sup­ply the phy­si­cal gold that under­lies GGC.

Gold­Gram ear­lier this week announ­ced its intro­duc­tion of GGC, a digi­tal cur­r­en­cy inex­tri­ca­bly backed 100% by phy­si­cal 99.99% fine gold. It can be rede­emed at any time and used as a medi­um of exchan­ge, unit of accoun­ting or store of value.

With more than 40 years of expe­ri­ence in the phy­si­cal pre­cious metals busi­ness, Dil­lon Gage is one of only a hand­ful of com­pa­nies with direct access to the gold reser­ves of the Roy­al Cana­di­an Mint. Through Dil­lon Gage as the who­le­sa­ler, all gold under­ly­ing GGC will be secu­re­ly stored in the vaults of the Roy­al Cana­di­an Mint, ful­ly rede­em­able upon request at any time.

Working clo­se­ly with Gold­Gram and lever­aging GoldGram’s pro­prie­ta­ry and ful­ly auto­ma­ted, block­chain-based plat­form, Dil­lon Gage will trans­fer GGC order infor­ma­ti­on expe­di­tious­ly and secu­re­ly, fol­lo­wing strin­gent pro­to­cols to ensu­re accu­ra­cy in pro­ces­sing all tran­sac­tions. Custo­mers will remain infor­med throug­hout the pro­cess, with chain of cus­to­dy tracking.

Lau­rence Cross, Gold­Gram co-foun­der and CEO, said: “We are delight­ed to select Dil­lon Gage – with its wealth of know­ledge and expe­ri­ence – as our glo­bal gold sup­plier. The­re is no other ent­i­ty bet­ter equip­ped to pro­vi­de real-time access to buy and sell gold at any quan­ti­ty in such a high­ly liquid, trans­pa­rent fashion. Our alli­an­ce with Dil­lon Gage brings that capa­bi­li­ty to a new level by ensu­ring that the gold under­ly­ing our new GGC has the auto­ma­ti­on, real-time com­pe­ti­ti­ve pri­cing, exe­cu­ti­on and sto­ra­ge that the firm can uni­que­ly pro­vi­de.”

Mark Fur­m­an­ek, Dil­lon Gage chief ope­ra­ting offi­cer, said: “We are hono­red to work with Gold­Gram to digi­ti­ze gold with an asset-backed token. The abi­li­ty to pro­vi­de real-time audits, redemp­ti­on pro­ce­du­res and custo­mer asset pro­tec­tion are all are­as that are very important to an asset-backed token. Dil­lon Gage ent­e­red into this glo­bal alli­an­ce with Gold­Gram becau­se we reco­gni­ze the tre­men­dous value we add to the uni­que con­cept Gold­Gram offers.”

About Gold­Gram Pte. Ltd.
Gold­Gram offers a new asset-backed token, GGC Gold­Gram­Coin®, a digi­tal cur­r­en­cy inex­tri­ca­bly backed 100% by phy­si­cal 99.99% fine gold. Rede­em­able at any time, GGC uses a pro­prie­ta­ry pri­va­te block­chain tech­no­lo­gy based on Ethe­re­um and Hyper­led­ger. The Hyper­led­ger com­po­nent allows Gold­Gram to store vast amounts of infor­ma­ti­on per­tai­ning to GGC, while Ethe­re­um pro­vi­des the abi­li­ty to crea­te an ERC-20 token offe­red as an audi­ted, secu­re “smart” con­tract with live pri­ces of gold. GGC enab­les inves­tors to digi­tal­ly trans­fer stored gold around the world, in one-click, at the speed of an instant messa­ge. GGC is a medi­um of exchan­ge, a unit of accoun­ting and a store of value – the true defi­ni­ti­on of money. Ful­ly auto­ma­ted and high­ly liquid, it is intrin­si­cal­ly lin­ked to under­ly­ing gold in a secu­re vault. The token can be purcha­sed, sold and rede­emed at the live pri­ce of gold. GGC con­nects the tra­di­tio­nal tra­ding world with the digi­tal asset world, paving the way for mar­ket par­ti­ci­pants to tra­de GGC against other finan­ci­al instru­ments, whe­ther they are tra­di­tio­nal gold-based pro­ducts, fiat cur­ren­ci­es or other digi­tal assets. Fol­low Gold­Gram on Face­book or Lin­kedIn.

About Dil­lon Gage
Dil­lon Gage is the world lea­der in phy­si­cal pre­cious metals tra­ding and tech­no­lo­gy ser­ving dea­lers, finan­ci­al insti­tu­ti­ons, banks and bro­ke­rage hou­ses around the glo­be. Sin­ce 1976, Dil­lon Gage has led the way in inno­va­ti­on, advan­ced tra­ding tools, tech­no­lo­gy and intel­lect. The firm is one of a hand­ful of firms who are aut­ho­ri­zed purcha­sers of bul­li­on (inclu­ding coins, rounds and bars) for all major world mints and main­ta­ins inven­to­ry in over 20 coun­tries. Dil­lon Gage’s inte­gra­ted pro­ducts and ser­vices inclu­de numis­ma­tics, bul­li­on and elec­tro­nic tra­ding of pre­cious metals and ful­fill­ment, API inte­gra­ti­on, phy­si­cal gold tra­cked by block­chain tech­no­lo­gy, refi­ning and sto­ra­ge. The firm ope­ra­tes: Fiz­Tra­de Online Tra­ding, IRA­Connect, Dil­lon Gage Refi­ning and Inter­na­tio­nal Depo­si­to­ry Ser­vices Group, a pri­va­te­ly-owned sub­si­di­a­ry of Dil­lon Gage Metals, with loca­ti­ons in Dela­ware, Texas and Onta­rio. Dil­lon Gage’s phil­an­thro­pic arm, HELPS Inter­na­tio­nal, pro­vi­des reli­ef, deve­lop­ment and edu­ca­tio­nal oppor­tu­nities to Gua­te­ma­la. Learn more about Dil­lon Gage at