Bitcoin quo vadis?

Die letz­ten Tage/Wochen waren durch mehr­fach nega­ti­ve Äuße­run­gen von Zen­tral­ban­kern geprägt gewe­sen. Allen gemein waren fast schon hys­te­ri­sche Äuße­rung zu Bit­coin, näm­lich “Betrug” “Tul­pen-Manie” und ande­re Ver­glei­che mit der Hyper-Bla­se der Tul­pen­zwie­beln im 17, Jahr­hun­dert.

Coin­desk hat eine anschau­li­che Ana­ly­se vor­ge­nom­men, wel­che ich hiern icht ver­schwei­gen will:

Wait and Watch? Bitcoin Prices Hover Near Make or Break Level

What’s behind bitcoin’s recent lethar­gic pri­ce action?

Well, for one, inves­tors appe­ar to be wai­ting on the side­li­nes as they seek cla­ri­ty out of Chi­na fol­lo­wing news that the country’s exch­an­ges will shut down ope­ra­ti­ons by October’s end. Tra­ders, it seems, are in no mood to take up big posi­ti­ons, as evi­den­ced by the drop in the volu­mes.

But, coin­ci­ding with this decli­ne has been lack of sub­s­tan­ce in the bitcoin-U.S. dol­lar (BTC/USD) exchan­ge rate.

After a ral­ly from the Sep­tem­ber 15 low of $2,908, bears made their pre­sence felt but were reluc­tant to push the digi­tal cur­r­en­cy back to $3,000 levels. The weak sel­ling pres­su­re hel­ped BTC regain some poi­se, alt­hough gains are now being cap­ped at the key down­ward slo­ping trend line hurd­le.

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